JM Advanced Waterproofing is the home of advanced waterproof coatings for your roof, walls, and steel surfaces.

With our waterproofing services, you will have your home improved considerably. We are a leader in the advanced waterproofing market and can improve industrial and domestic spaces.

Hydro Rubber has engineered a new waterproofing technology. It encapsulates a roof with a layer of rubber that comes with a

10-year waterproofing warranty.


The Hydro Rubber product is eco-friendly, safe to use and applied by our waterproofing experts.

Increase Lifespan

It protects against corrosion and ensures that your surfaces last far longer.


Our waterproof rubber coating product is highly versatile, water-based, elastomeric and UV Resistant.

Trained experts

Our team of trained waterproofing experts can accurately provide the correct coating for your home.

Colour options

There are ten colours available to suit your preference and style. Colour swatches displayed here may vary slightly from the actual rubber paint we have in-store.

No more leaks

These benefits allow you to coat several areas and indoor and outdoor surfaces and guarantee that you have no more leaks.

What is Hydro Rubber?

Rubber-coating is a process that assists surface issues caused by weather. The formulation of elastomeric polymer blends gives Hydro rubber the unsurpassed ability to expand and contract. Hydro Rubber products can withstand virtually any weather condition and repair big and small surface problems.

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